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Part II: Stop Smoking Program

Today we will talk about two formulas to help you quit besides using the Nicoderm patches. The main ingredients in these formulas are all natural herbs. The is the main formula to regulate tobacco craving. This support formula gives you a calm and peaceful feeling TobacOff 700 MG PER CAPSULE Ingredients: Houttuynia, Sophora Root, Polygala Root, Ginseng Root Recommended Dosage:** Day 1: Take 3-4 capsules before bedtime Day 2 through the program: Take 3-4 capsules one hour before meals For some individuals, smoking may not taste good anymore and even cause nausea if smoking is continued. Most people develop nervous jittery feelings during the process of eliminating nicotine from their system. Jitters Away promotes calm nerves, eases the intensity, and shortens the duration of withdrawal. JittersAway 700 MG PER CAPSULE Ingredients: Fossilized bone, Oyster shell, Fo-ti stem, Jujube seed, Chinese salvia root, Poria root, Polygala root, Mother-of-pearl Recommended Dosage 1-3 capsules up to 3 times a day when feeling nervous or jittery With these two formulas, plus acupuncture, with your back up of Nicoderm, be confident that your can succeed to Stop Smoking,

Tomorrow I will talk about getting through your first week and reducing stress.

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