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Chinese Herbal Medicine for Kids.

It's Summer.

We are all taking our kids, nephews, nieces and their friends to the pool. They spend hours in the water. What do they end up getting the most ---- Ear Infections.

Do you know that children who use antibiotics have a higher incidence of a repeat infection within six weeks then those who don’t use antibiotics. There is a Chinese Herbal Medicine solution called Children's Ear Formula from a company called Golden Flower. This formula is intended for acute ear infection. I know through my own experience, and those of many practitioners who have used this formula, that it can control the pain with one dose, within 2 hours. The formula is safe for newborns

All parents of young children should keep a bottle of CHILDREN’S EAR FORMULA on hand for an emergency. It’s an amazing product due to its speed in efficacy. Best of all, one avoids an unnecessary dose of antibiotics, which can injure a child’s immune system. Because ear infection is one of the main reason antibiotics are given to children, this one product could seriously reduce unnecessary antibiotic use in this country.

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