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Part III: Stop Smoking Program


Yes, It Is Possible! Getting through the first week after you quit smoking can be rough. Urges and cravings to smoke are not commands to be obeyed. You don’t have to act on them. Instead of picking up a cigarette: • Drink lots of water to flush out toxins. • Drink liquids through a straw to satisfy the need for puffing. • Chew gum. • Eat healthy snacks like an apple or carrot sticks. • Stay away from places and situations that make you want to smoke. • Practice deep breathing exercises when a tough craving hits. • Distract yourself - do housework, play with your kids or pets, go for a walk or read a book. • Visit with friends who don’t smoke or have recently quit – they are a great support system.

Smoking Does NOT Reduce Stress: Stress is an excuse many ex-smokers use to slip back into smoking. Smoking will not reduce stress or eliminate it. The stress will still be there after you smoke. Smoking is a stimulant and can actually increase stress. You can’t eliminate all stress but you can take these steps to reduce stress: • Take Pacific BioLogic’s JittersAway. • Take a walk – if you have a dog, all the better. • Talk with a friend about what’s bothering you. • Reduce caffeine intake. • Avoid alcohol. • Breathe deeply for 10 minutes. • Get a soothing massage. • Take a nap. • Listen to relaxing music. • Engage in activities with your kids. • Look for humor and laugh out loud every day. • RELAX. All you really need to handle is today.

Next time we will talk how to socialize with Smokers- and not smoke.

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