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Part IV: Stop Smoking Program

HOW TO SOCIALIZE WITH SMOKERS — AND NOT SMOKE! • Always remember that YOU are in control – not the cigarettes! • If you just quit smoking, you may want to avoid smokers until you are stronger. • Don’t use other’s smoking as an excuse. • If someone offers you a smoke just say, “No thanks, I don’t smoke anymore.” Look in the mirror and practice saying it a few times every day. • Keep breathing deeply and do something – if you’re sitting, stand; if you’re standing, move; take a drink of water; or excuse yourself and go to the restroom. • If the urge won’t go away – leave. People who love you will understand.

AVOIDING RELAPSE REMEMBER - THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO START SMOKING AGAIN – EVER! Here are some tips to avoid relapse: • Have confidence in your decision not to smoke • Reaffirm your decision every day. • Don’t “test yourself” by trying to have “just one” or even “just a puff”. This will send you right back to Day One of your program. • If you’re thinking, “I’ll just quit again tomorrow,” what makes you think you will? • If you are upset or angry and think you really need a smoke, remember smoking will not fix the problem – it will only make you feel worse. • Care about yourself and those who love you.

Tomorrow I will remind you of all the Benefits to Your Body After Your Last Cigarette

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