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Chinese Herbal Medicine for Pain- Mryhh

Like Frankincense, Mryhh (Mo Yao) is also a resin from small trees that grows in dry stony soil in places like Yemen

Compared with frankincense, it is more bitter and its dispersing action is also stronger. This herb is stronger than frankincense for breaking up congealed blood and is used not only in trauma and fracture pain, but also for hard masses, such as tumors.

Myrrh yields guggulsterones which is reputed to lower blood lipids, including cholesterol

Not only is it famous for being one of the special gifts along with gold and frankincense brought by the magi to baby Jesus, but it was also supposedly used at his death. His body was wrapped in linen infused with a mixture of aloes and myrrh. The Ancient Egyptians used Myrrh as part of their embalming rituals.

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