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Oriental Medicine uses Orchids to relieve thirst and to brighten eyes.

I visited the annual Fairchild Orchid Show the past weekend, The sun was out, the weather was perfect for a stroll, weaving through pops of colors, shapes and sizes of varying orchids. And I wonder which is a medicinal orchard? One orchid in Traditional Chinese Medicine, known as the Noble Dendrobium (shown at right) or Shi Hu in Pinyin, is a tonic. It's stem is used to relieve thirst from febrile disease and Brightens Eyes. No wonder with this range of colors!

According to a report from Liao Ning Zhong Yi Za Zhi (Liaoning Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine) 1992;3:31. 172 cases of chronic pharyngitis have been treated with the dendrobium-based remedy.

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